About Dr. Amanda Brimhall, N.D.

amanda brimhall

I remember the first time I heard the term, “Naturopathic Physician.” I was working part-time as a front desk receptionist in a chiropractic clinic. I'd only recently come to the realization that I wanted to work in health and fitness, but I was equally sure that it wasn't as a nutritionist or personal trainer. The prospect of Naturopathic Medicine simply clarified everything for me. Medicine was a career path in my family with my mother, an ICU nurse, my sister, a surgical nurse, several aunts who were nurses and an uncle who was a respiratory therapist.

Functional Medicine Has Its Roots in
Naturopathic Medicine

Yet conventional medicine never appealed to me. A “Naturopathic Physician” was much more congenial to me given my life and upbringing and having been raised in the Spokane Valley where regular exercise and healthy eating defined our lifestyle. The prospect of working in a cold and sterile environment held no appeal to me. Between the artificial lighting and the weird medicinal smells, the memory of which makes me cringe even as I type this section, the conventional healthcare path never seemed a viable route for me. (As an aside, it was out of my experience in Naturopathic Medicine that I would develop the highly effective approaches now used in Functional Medicine. Funny, how one great insight leads to another!) Inspired with this new concept of Naturopathic Physician, however, I leaped at the chance to learn more, followed my curiosity, and obtained a course catalog from Bastyr University in Seattle.

It was while reading about their Naturopathic Medicine program that lightning struck. I'd found my true calling!

Naturopathic Medicine Saved My Life!

In retrospect I can say that it saved my life in more ways than one. Two years out of Naturopathic medical school I was diagnosed with melanoma. My naturopathic training showed me what to look for, and I was diagnosed very early. I've been cancer free ever since. From that moment, I've never wavered in my calling. I'm more convinced than ever that everyone can take an active role in his or her health. There's no reason to be passive, and there are many effective natural treatments and regimens that, with the help of a dedicated Naturopathic Physician, one can follow to become and remain healthy.

I am here, living proof, that you do have control over your health.

“You Can Feel Good Again” Is My Mantra

What I did, you can do. I will say that over and over and over again. It's true! YES! You can effectively treat health issues. Indeed, with the right mindset you can prevent many problems from starting. I am proud to say that helping people to gain that mindset and take control of their health is my mission!

My Credentials

My passion for effective and natural treatments drives me to bring the latest, proven protocols to my practice.  I’m constantly seeking the best that natural science has to offer! 

My credentials and qualifications include:

  • Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA
  • Post-graduate residency in family practice
  • Bachelor of Science, Cum Laude, from Eastern Washington University 
  • Board certified in Anti-aging medicine through the American Association of Anti-aging Medicine

Member of the following organizations: 

  • Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians 
  • American Association of Naturopathic Physicians 
  • Institute for Functional Medicine
  • Women’s Health Institute
  • Age Management Medicine Group 

My areas of specialty include functional medicine, hormone balance, endocrinology, bio-identical hormones, pellet hormones, naturopathic medicine, weight loss, adrenal and thyroid health, skincare and beauty. 

I work in partnership with your medical doctor to offer complete, integrated healthcare. 


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