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Sexual Health

Naturally restore your sexual health and experience better sexual performance!

YES! You can enjoy an active sex life again. I am an expert in identifying the root cause of sexual issues. My comprehensive assessment is designed to pinpoint underlying problems for lasting and satisfying results. I've found that many common difficulties stem from a wide range of issues, from hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances to adrenal burnout, stress, toxicity, diet and lifestyle factors. Each presents its own challenge, alone and together.

That's why, based on the results of the assessment, I customize a treatment plan with your unique needs in mind, carefully addressing the issues with medical solutions that are natural and effective. When you see balance restored, stress reduced, toxicity eliminated and lifestyle set on a healthy path, lasting improvement in sexual health and greater satisfaction in experience become a reality. I am also proud and excited to offer an innovative treatment option, the O and P shot.

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An age-defying approach for better and more frequent orgasms

The O-shot and the P-shot (Priapus-shot) use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to rejuvenate vaginal tissue and to enhance male erections. The result: better and more frequent orgasms. With a simple blood draw, PRP uses your own stem cells to regenerate tissue and build the new blood vessels that promote increased circulation and sensation. This safe, natural process stimulates accelerated repair of muscles and tissue. You grow new tissue with no adverse reaction, as your body does not treat PRP as an invasive substance. 

The ultimate effect of Platelet Rich Plasma is almost age defying. We also use PRP for hair restoration and joint repair.

Women: consider the O-shot for better lubrication, increased sensitivity to stimulation, decreased incontinence and a better orgasm.

Men: if you're interested in a bigger, firmer and longer-lasting erection, contact us for a consult.


Improved Sexual Performance with GAINSWAVE

Because of the lack of treatment options, ED has been a big problem for a lot of men. To make matters worse, the options that are available usually require drugs or painful surgical procedures, and still don’t always succeed. Often, these procedures also cause unpleasant and repetitive side effects. 

GAINSWave uses high-frequency acoustical waves in an innovative way - to open up blocked blood vessels that cause ED. In addition, the blood flow is improved by the pulsating sound waves and new blood vessels are created, leading to stronger and longer-lasting erections. 

Because pills or surgical procedures are not needed, GAINSWave is perfect for men regardless of age or any medications you may be taking. Because of this, GAINSWave has stolen the spotlight as the first non-invasive, FDA-approved ED treatment available in the U.S.


What GAINSWave Can Do For You

GAINSWave restores the ability to have strong, long-lasting erections. The high-frequency waves also break down scar tissue that causes the curved penis typical of men who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease.

Unlike the majority of treatments, GAINSWave does not rely on drugs or painful surgical procedures, making it suitable for men of any age.

To learn more about what GAINSWAVE can do for you, contact us today.