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Functional Medicine Doctor

I am proud to be one of the pioneers in the practice of Functional Medicine. 

Functional Medicine evolved from the realization that I and many others had about the absolute necessity to transform how we, as doctors, work with patients. While the foundation of Functional Medicine is quite complex and sophisticated in its approach, it can also be expressed simply and elegantly as a practitioner's desire – my desire – to create a therapeutic partnership between the doctor and you, the patient.

As a doctor passionately committed to Functional medicine, I follow an approach that rests upon several vital principles:

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I will spend time with you. I will listen to you. I will learn your history. 

Most importantly, I will look at all the elements – genetic, environmental and lifestyle – that contribute to your health, and what imbalances may lead to chronic and complicated illnesses. I will relate to you, in short, as a “whole person“, never simply a bundle of symptoms. In the field of Functional Medicine this approach is often described as “patient-centered and systems-oriented“. In practice this means we will enjoy a high level of engagement. I will do all in my power to support your individual and highly unique expression of health and vitality. You'll see this engagement in my commitment to a comprehensive assessment of all the factors relating to your health and well-being. 

You'll also benefit from my knowledge and utilization of the most sophisticated new lab testing and advanced protocols for treatment. 

Advanced lab tests range from food allergies, toxicity, neurotransmitters, and comprehensive hormone panels to expanded thyroid testing and specialized blood analyses to assess nutritional status. Throughout my site you'll see descriptions of the advanced protocols I've developed for a wide range of conditions.

I am passionate in my belief that Functional Medicine is the model for healthcare going forward. 

Let's begin this journey toward health together!