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Dr. Brimhall saved my life! She sat with me for a solid hour and we went thru everything. She recommended that I read a book and eliminate wheat from my diet. In just one week I feel like the “old me” again! When I look back at how I was feeling the week before I think I was dying. My body was being poisoned and I was slowly killing myself. I feel amazing and can't express how frustrated I was until I met Dr. Brimhall.

– Nicole K.

Several years ago my wife started seeing Dr. Amanda Brimhall at Waterfront Wellness in Kirkland. She was shy on hormones and Dr. Brimhall got her all tuned up. She began pestering me for a little TLC again. I was in my late sixties at the time and my libido had flat-lined; I figured we were past that phase of our lives. I paid Dr. Brimhall a visit just to humor my spouse. Now let me tell you fellows, if you're not yet dead or planning to check out anytime soon, you have to make an appointment to see Dr Brimhall! She is one amazing lady. I had been unknowingly suffering from low testosterone which is common to older men and even some younger fellows, plus she helped me get rid of excessive belly fat which can be a killer. Guys, this is your chance for a new lease on life! I'm seventy one, retired and there is nothing sweeter than an occasional mid-morning delight.

– Mark L.

I’ve known Dr. Amanda Brimhall since 2009, when I was very sick and conventional medicine was clueless about my condition.  She addressed every aspect of my ailment and helped me to get back on my feet after long frustrating months.  When my mother in law became ill, suffering from different side-affects resulting from long-term use of antidepressants, there was no doubt in my mind that Dr. Brimhall would help her. And she did. Working with her did wonders to my health.

– Anat B.

Dr. Amanda Brimhall has been taking excellent care of me while I go thru this second stage in my life. I am no longer taking big pharma drugs (prescribed by my primary care physician) for symptoms related to menopause. I am interested in a more conservative approach in order to limit my exposure to potential pharmaceutical side-effects and unnecessary (costly) diagnostic workup. Instead I decided to try bio-identical HRT therapy. It worked! I cannot tell you how much better this has improved the quality of my life. My family and I are happy with the new me. Just knowing she is there when I am not feeling right is a secure feeling. I am extremely happy with the Waterfront Wellness clinic; the front office is very welcoming and extremely professional. Dr. Brimhall has done a wonderful job of making me feel better. I'm glad I have her as my healthcare naturopath and highly recommend her.

– Anonymous

I first visited Dr. Amanda Brimhall at Waterfront Wellness 3 years ago for weight loss. She introduced me to the HCG protocol and monitored me over a 45-day period while I shed my excess weight. While there, I learned more about her practice and discovered she specialized in anti-aging medicine. On future visits she monitored my hormone levels and switched me to a bio-identical hormone cream to help with menopause symptoms before they even started. Definitely worth it after all I have heard about the horrors of menopause. I have had none of the symptoms and don't expect to ever have any! I now see her every year for my annual physical and her advice gets me through the following year. Her office is set-up with all the staples to ward off aging. Dr. Brimhall stocks a medical grade skin care line that I am incorporating into my daily routine and it is making a big difference. Plus, all the supplements she recommends are available on her shelf at the completion of your check-up. Waterfront Wellness is definitely a one-stop shop for all your health-care needs.

–Debbie B.