Growing older comes with a lot of changes to our bodies. While men and women both experience different signs of aging, each provide their own set of challenges. For men, erectile dysfunction or ED is a common condition that occurs as they grow older. Although it is common for men to experience this issue as they age, it still can negatively impact their self esteem and relationships. 

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Experiencing difficulties with an erection is something that most men have struggled with at one point or another. However, ED is a condition that occurs regularly and can increase in severity over time. While the inability achieve an erection is a serious issue in itself, it can also lead to other problems like stress, performance anxiety and depression.

Fortunately, men in Mercer Island have access to a holistic solution that can resolve their issues with ED. The Priapus Shot, otherwise known as the P-Shot, is a revolutionary procedure that puts your own cells to work to cure ED. Now, men of any age can experience harder and longer lasting erections.

About Erectile Dysfunction

Individuals suffering from ED may feel alone; however, it is a common problem for many men. In the U.S., erectile dysfunction affects over 25 million men. Over time, it can become the root of other serious issues, like low self-esteem and problems with relationships. Eventually, it can lead a lower quality of life for the men that experience ED. In other cases, ED may not just be a symptom of aging but also of another, more serious illness that requires its own treatment.

How the P-Shot Can Help You

Created as a natural treatment for male enhancement, the P-Shot employs your own cells to resolve your issues with ED. Since your own cells are used as a cure, your body won’t reject the treatment and you won’t experience any of the risks, like strange side effects, allergies, or lumpiness, that come with traditional solutions. Offering a myriad of benefits, the P-Shot allows men of every age to experience a full and active sex life.

ED can stem from problems throughout different stages of an erection. The P-Shot was designed to treat issues at every stage. Some of the benefits include:

  • Fast acting results
  • Enhanced sensation and pleasure
  • Increased circulation
  • A healthier organ
  • Long-lasting erections
  • Increased size

The P-Shot tricks your body into thinking it was wounded, so it quickly gets to work repairing the tissues in your penis. The treatment quickly leads to a considerable increase in girth and length, which results in an improved sexual experience for patients.

Priapus Shot Treatment in Mercer Island and Surrounding Areas

Waterfront Wellness helps men in Mercer Island and surrounding areas combat their issues with ED by offering the P-Shot to patients searching for a natural solution. As a premier naturopathic physician in the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Amanda Brimhall is dedicated to providing holistic solutions that help you lead a full and happy life.