GAINSWave Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Bellevue, Wa

As you begin to age, your body changes in a number of ways that affect different parts of your life. One major change that people experience is a reduction of sexual desire, activity and performance.

Unfortunately for some men, as they get older the blood vessels that stimulate healthy blood flow necessary for proper erectile function can weaken and become obstructed. The result of this occurrence is called erectile dysfunction, also known as ED, and often this condition is troubling for men and their partners. Usually, in order to combat this condition, men undergo painful procedures or take medicine, but the results are often frustrating and unsatisfying.

Thankfully, there has been a breakthrough in the science to aid the men who have had to deal with this condition. Doctors and patients in Bellevue can now use the recently developed GAINSWave technology to beat ED. 

Bellevue GAINSWave | Male Enhancement Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Not too long ago, men who suffered from Erectile Dysfunction Treatment had to use drugs or get painful and invasive procedures done as a means of treatment. The results were often not long lasting, came with side effects, resulted in unresolved issues, and ultimately left patients in Bellevue dissatisfied. Conversely, the GAINSWave method is an FDA approved, noninvasive option with positive results. Though it is new in the United States, doctors and patients in Europe have been using and developing this technology for decades.


How Exactly Does GAINSWave Technology Work?

GAINSWave uses high-frequency acoustic waves to open up blood vessels. The pulsing sound waves help improve blood flow, clear blockages and build up of micro plaque, and encourage the growth of new blood vessels. The results from this treatment have been stronger, longer lasting erections for men in Bellevue, drastically improving their sex lives.

GAINSWave is not a surgical procedure and does not require any medications. Because of this, men of all ages and conditions can have this procedure done. It is an FDA approved erectile dysfunction treatment in the United States, designed to get to the root cause of ED, which is poor blood flow. 

There have been quite a few studies done on the effectiveness of the GAINSWave method. The results
have found that the gentle shock wave implementation of the GAINSWave technology helped remove the plaque that was built up in the blood vessels of the penises of the study subjects, and new blood cells and tissue began to form as a result. This led to the subjects experiencing normal, erectile function. 

What You Can Expect When Receiving a GAINSWave Treatment?

 The GAINSWave treatment is an excellent and effective way to combat erectile dysfunction for men in Bellevue. It can even treat uncommon erectile dysfunction conditions like Peyronie's disease. Peyronie's disease is a penile problem where scar tissue, from plaque, builds up inside the blood vessels of the penis to the point where the penis curve's upward or to the side. For some men, this is not a problem. For others it can make sex, and erections uncomfortable or even painful. The Gains Wave is beneficial because it will restore a man's ability to enjoy stronger, more durable erections. Furthermore, the high frequency acoustic waves can also break down the scar tissue that causes a curved penis, helping men recover from Peyronie's disease.

With this procedure, you will never have to worry about taking extra medication or going through unnecessary, painful surgery. GAINSWave is suitable for all men in Bellevue, in all conditions, ages and lifestyle.

 Some of the other benefits of receiving a GAINSWave treatment includes:

  • Improved sexual performance
  • A happier, more active sex life
  • Long lasting results of up to two or three years
  • Quick and easy in office procedures at around 20 or 30 minutes
  • Effective treatment for erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease
  • Non invasive technology
  • Increased sexual sensation
  • Suitable for all patients
  • Little to no side effects
  • Better orgasms


About Waterfront Wellness

Here at Waterfront Wellness, the GAINSWave procedure is the newest technology that has been added to our specialized, holistic and naturopathic medical facility. Our lead physician and founder, Doctor Amanda Brimhall, is a member of a growing group of GAINSWave physicians in the United States and proudly offers the innovative GAINSWave treatment to anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction and its associated symptoms. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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