Women’s Health Vancouver

Are you looking for an experienced, professional women’s health doctor? Located just two hours from Vancouver in Kirkland, WA, I specialize in offering functional, results-focused health advice to women of all ages, and backgrounds.

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As a specialist in naturopathic medicine, my focus isn’t just on solving your health issues through medication, but on providing lasting, sustainable treatments that address the primary causes of your health issues.

Open from Monday to Friday, as well as by appointment on Saturdays, my clinic is a welcoming environment in which we can work towards your health goals together.

Would you like to schedule a consultation? For more information, or to schedule an appointment to discuss improving your health and quality of life, please contact our clinic by phone or through our online scheduling form. 

Functional Medicine

Not all health problems can be solved by treating just the symptoms, often through short-term use of medication. As an expert in functional medicine, my approach is to treat and solve your health issues through a focus on sustainable, effective, and long-term treatments.

This means looking at more than just your symptoms, but also your environment, lifestyle and genetics to determine and optimal treatment protocol for you.

Everybody is different, meaning the best approach for helping you achieve optimal health may not be the same as it would be for someone else. Using advanced lab testing, I can identify the key health issues—from allergies to hormonal issues that affect your health. 

Using your personal health data, we can work together to implement a sustainable, effective, and safe treatment protocol to help you improve your well-being, overcome health issues, and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Sexual Health

From hormonal fluctuations to dietary issues, a range of factors can affect your sex drive and sexual well-being.

Women's Sexual Health Vancouver WA

While it’s normal for your sex drive to fluctuate over the course of the week, long-term changes to your level of sexual interest, sexual performance, and general sexual health can often be the result of hormonal health issues.

Other external factors, such as your sleep quality, diet, lifestyle, and stress levels, can also play a role in affecting your sexual health.

As a specialist in women’s sexual health, I can help you identify the key factors that can affect your sexual health. Together, we can implement a sustainable, long-term solution to help you optimize your sexual health and enjoy a fulfilling, healthy sexual life. 

Endocrine Imbalance

Are your hormones affecting your quality of life? From weight gain to a decline in your sexual interest levels, fluctuations in your body’s production of essential hormones can have a huge impact on your health and well-being.

Endocrine imbalances can affect everything from your energy levels, mental focus, and physical performance to your mood and level of interest in life. From feelings of low energy to a slump in your mood, a range of major health and well-being setbacks can be caused by hormonal issues.

As an endocrine system specialist, I can identify and treat hormonal issues that can affect your mood, energy levels, body composition, and other key quality of life factors, helping you enjoy a higher standard of living and improved health. 

Hormone Therapy in Vancouver

Do you have a hormone deficiency? Hormones regulate almost every aspect of your health and well-being, from your immune system to your metabolism, energy levels, mood, and general level of interest in life. 

When your body fails to produce enough of a specific hormone, it can produce a major, sudden change in your health and well-being.

Hormonal deficiencies can occur for a variety of reasons, from lifestyle factors such as stress or sleep quality to aging, diet, and genetics. Using modern, highly accurate testing, I can identify a wide range of hormonal issues and provide safe, sustainable, and effective hormone therapy options. 

CoolSculpting in Vancouver

Are you struggling to burn fat from problem areas, such as your waist, “love handles,” or lower back? Everyone loses fat differently, meaning that even with strict dieting and lots of exercise, your body might simply not burn fat from the areas you’d like to target.

Coolsculpting Fat Reduction for Women Vancouver WA

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to “spot reduce” fat through diet and exercise alone—a significant annoyance that can often prevent you from achieving the body you’d like.

CoolSculpting® is a new technology that uses targeted cold exposure to activate and dissolve fat cells in certain areas of your body, making it easier for you to target specific problem areas and achieve your weight loss goals.

Revitalizing Skin Care in Vancouver

Concerned about your skin? From dryness to acne, a range of factors can stop you from having the smooth, flawless skin you’d like.

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Often, skin problems are caused by lifestyle and diet factors, ranging from your sleep habits and stress levels to your food choices and hydration habits. Sometimes, your hormones could be the cause of skin issues, ranging from whiteheads and dryness to discoloration and sensitivity.

As a specialist in revitalizing skin care, I offer a range of skin treatments to provide sustainable, lasting results. These treatments include IPL laser skincare, as well as the non-surgical Vampire Facelift. 

IV Infusions in Vancouver

Feeling tired and lacking in energy? Worried that you aren’t as focused, productive, and mentally agile as you could be? From energy to motivation, your consumption of essential nutrients and vitamins can have a huge effect on your health and well-being.

While nutrient-rich foods and supplements can help you maintain strong levels of vitamins and minerals, one of the most effective ways to optimize your health and well-being is through the use of personalized IV infusions.

Designed to help you achieve optimal health and well-being, my personalized IV infusions are a quick and easy way to ingest essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients without the limitations of conventional health supplements. 

HcG Weight Loss in Vancouver

Are you finding it difficult to burn fat and maintain the bodyweight you’d like, even with a healthy diet and regular exercise? Weight loss is multifactorial, meaning there’s often more to achieving your goal weight than just dieting and exercise.

One key factors that can affect your weight loss results is your production of human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG, a hormone that plays a major role in weight loss and body composition.

By using HCG in combination with minor changes to your exercise and diet habits, I can help you make real progress with your weight loss. Better yet, we can work together to make sure you achieve lasting, sustainable results without the yo-yo effect of many diets. 

Schedule Your 15-Minute Consultation

Just two hours from Vancouver, I’m available from Monday to Friday, as well as by appointment on Saturday, to discuss your health and well-being. As a naturopathic doctor, my focus is simple—to help you achieve optimal health, well-being and quality of life through sustainable treatments.

Would you like to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and learn more about how we can improve your health together? For more information about my services or to schedule your 15-minute consultation, please contact our clinic now.