Almost everyone has experienced stubborn fat on parts of their body. Despite their best efforts with diet and exercise, they can’t seem to get the results they want. While they were able to tone some areas, others remain virtually unchanged. That's because even with the strictest diet and exercise regimens, fat cells never really go away. They just shrink and lay dormant until the next relapse.  

It’s frustrating and can leave you feeling defeated. Fortunately, there’s the new and natural treatment, CoolSculpting, for Tukwila residents looking to shed fat for good.

Coolsculpting fat removal Tukwila WA

CoolSculpting: The Innovative Procedure for Shedding Fat

CoolSculpting is the latest technology for shedding fat and getting the results you want in those stubborn "problem areas”. Harnessing the power of cold, the procedure freezes fat cells which are then absorbed naturally by your body. The results are permanent - instead of just shrinking cells, they are gone for good so you don’t have to worry about relapses. 

The best part about CoolSculpting is that it can be done on the most difficult parts of the body to tone, like the thighs, stomach, flank, arms and even your chin. Getting your body to do the work for you, we don’t have to rely on any invasive or high-risk cosmetic procedures to get you the results you want. In fact, you can schedule a session during your lunch break and go right back to work in the same day!

What Can I Expect From my CoolSculpting Session?

As a Naturopathic physician, my goal is to get you the results you want with holistic treatments that help you live your best life. The first step of the Cool Sculpting process is meeting with me for a consultation to discuss your goals, what you want from the procedure, and your budget. While the price for the procedure depends on your needs or number of areas you’d like to target, most treatment plans range between $2,000 to $4,000. 

Once we create a treatment plan specific to your needs, we will schedule your first session. During the treatment, you can expect a slight pulling at first that may feel a little strange, followed by extreme cold in the areas that we’re treating (it’s called CoolSculpting for a reason). The procedure can last anywhere between 35 to 60 minutes per session. Most patients are comfortable enough to read, work or even nap while going through the process. 

Once we finish the procedure, we massage the treated areas and send you on your way. We do suggest a follow up visit to discuss your results and additional treatment options. Most patients report seeing results as soon as three weeks following their treatment, but the most drastic results take place after about two months. 

If you’re a Tukwila resident looking to get rid of stubborn fat, CoolSculpting could be the natural, low-risk solution you need. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

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