Testosterone Replacement Therapy Bellevue

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Bellevue Men

Hormones are one of the most crucial components of our bodies. If they are imbalanced, insufficient or in excess, they can cause a whole host of health issues and disorders. For men, testosterone is the primary sex hormone in their systems. It regulates and prompts functions like facial and body hair growth, red blood cell production and sperm production.

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In addition to these things, testosterone promotes and maintains bone density, muscle mass and sexual libido. The problem many men face is the fact that testosterone levels typically reach their peak during adolescence and, after the age of 30, begin steadily declining.


The Problem: Declining Testosterone Levels

With many bodily chemicals, including things like cholesterol and blood sugar, doctors have a numerical or percentage level that is considered healthy and normal. Testosterone is no different. Low testosterone levels can lead to a variety of side effects including:

  • Low Energy and Fatigue
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Low Bone Density and Fragile Bones
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Higher Risk of Diabetes
  • Higher Risk of Heart Disease
  • Increased Body Fat
  • Decreased Muscle Mass
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Low Libido

Testosterone impacts different brain functions, including men’s moods, emotions and cognitive functions. When men are aging or facing andropause lower testosterone levels are common,  but can lead to mood swings and the other side effects listed.


A Solution for Bellevue Men: Pellet Testosterone Replacement Implants

Testosterone replacement therapy, used for a wide variety of issues, has been available to patients in Bellevue for many years. However, for a long time, therapy was done with a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Now, thanks to advances in technology and science, new therapy approaches allow for personalized approaches, which results in more effective treatment in Bellevue!

By implanting low-dose, bioidentical hormones in pellet form under your skin, your hormone levels will be balanced and you will experience renewed vitality. These pellets are customized to your body and slowly release natural doses of testosterone as needed. By using bioidentical hormones instead of the more common synthetic hormone mimickers, this method avoids many of the ill side effects of other hormone treatment options available in Bellevue.


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