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Revitalizing Skin Care

Reverse sun damage, repair your skin and visibly reverse the effects of aging from the inside out!

As an expert in Functional Medicine, I can attest: “If you are not healthy on the inside, you will not look healthy on the outside.” Quite simply, radiant skin comes from radiant skin cells.

This natural approach is what drew me to the Osmosis M.D. Skin Care line, a full line of products dedicated to developing beautiful healthy skin from the “inside out” with super food nutrition and supplements targeted to promoting collagen and improved skin health. I have found it to be the best skin care technology the world has to offer. The Osmosis M.D. line provides skin care tools that are both comprehensive and flexible enough to address specific concerns. That's why we offer several focus areas, because with the right tools, your skin has the capacity to repair itself and look and feel its best.

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Osmosis M.D. gives your skin the complete and natural support it needs to unleash its own healing power and achieve remarkable restorative and – most importantly – visible results. The Osmosis M.D. line includes powerful tools to:

  • Repair DNA with Zinc Finger Technology
  • Enhance immune function and remodeling efforts through Stem cell derived growth factors
  • Increase scar tissue remodeling with 1,3 beta glucan
  • Increase the skin's circulation and nutrition using niacinamide beta glucan and
  • Maximize dermal thickening efforts with retinaldehyde and 7 + other collagen stimulators

Each of these components is rooted in the most advanced science. Each was perfected under rigorous testing to address skin conditions at the source by working with the skin's natural remodeling efforts. When carefully combined under our expert direction, Osmosis M.D. products effectively work from the “inside out” to support your skin's own natural ability to repair its imperfections, heal damage from the sun and reverse the effects of aging. Best of all, these innovative tools restore your skin without irritation or inflammation.

Dermal focus: Stop skin aging where aging begins

Using Osmosis M.D., we have a large array of sophisticated tools to target the dermis. Osmosis M.D. products have been proven to improve penetration by 600% through a liposomal delivery system that uses phosphatidylcholine. These ingredients do not simply remain on the skin's surface. They penetrate deep, going straight to the dermis where aging actually occurs. Penetration to the dermis is the only way to start the healing process.

Barrier repair: A new approach to moisturizing skin without exfoliation

Osmosis M.D. is also leading the way with a new strategy for moisturizing skin. This strategy involves stepping away from the conventional approach of daily forced exfoliation. With their focus on the dermis, Osmosis M.D. products work where the damage really occurs. Osmosis M.D. enhances epidermal turnover rate by increasing the skin's nutrition and stimulating activity at the dermal level. This “inside-out” process maintains a healthy, accelerated turnover rate while keeping the skin's protective barrier intact. True skin remodeling occurs where it should – in the dermis. The net effect is more moisture, less sun damage and better skin health.

We also offer the Vampire Facelift and IPL treatments. See the visible results of beautiful, healthy-looking skin for yourself.