Priapus Shot for Sammamish Men

Most men, as they age, find that they occasionally have difficulty maintaining an erection. This is just one of the ways that our bodies remind us that we’re getting older, along with hair loss, weight gain and other symptoms. However, for men who deal with erectile dysfunction, difficulty with erections can become a significant problem.

Men in Sammamish who suffer from ED deal with regular, severe troubles that can lower self-esteem and confidence. Stress, depression, performance anxiety and relationship strains can all result from erectile dysfunction.

However, the good news is that a new treatment option, the Priapus Shot (also known as the P-Shot) is now available to Sammamish men. The Priapus Shot uses your body’s own cells to repair the damage of ED, offering a natural and lasting solution to the issue. It doesn't matter your age – now you can regain your ability to have lasting erections with the P-shot.

sammamish p-shot


Sammamish Men Struggling with Erectile Dysfunction

ED is a common affliction – over 25 million men in the United States alone suffer from it. Often, the symptoms worsen with age. Men with ED don’t just struggle in the bedroom, they see the impact on their relationships, confidence, and mental health. ED can also point to other serious health issues that need to be addressed. If you have ED, don’t ignore it!

The Priapus Shot Treatment

The P-Shot is a natural male enhancement treatment, designed to help your body recover from ED. There’s no risk of your body rejecting the treatment, since it uses you own cells. It’s effective and safe, giving men of all ages in Sammamish their lives back as it corrects the symptoms of ED.

Benefits of the P-Shot include:

  • Addresses all potential causes of ED, even if it comes from different stages in the erection
  • Stronger, harder erections
  • Increased erection size
  • Increased endurance
  • No fear of allergic reactions
  • Better circulation
  • Heightened sensation and pleasure
  • Works alongside other therapies
  • Quick application
  • No lumpiness or painful side effects

The treatment uses your body’s own cells to trick it into treating your penis as if you have a wound. Your body then sends cells to repair and rebuild damage. For many men, this leads to a growth in size and an overall better sexual experience.

Priapus Shot for the Sammamish Area

Dr. Amanda Brimhall at Waterfront Wellness is proud to offer the P-Shot to Sammamish men at our premiere naturopathic clinic in Kirkland. Contact us today to set up a consultation by booking an appointment online