Priapus Shot For Kent Men

As men and women age, we start experiencing changes in our body that remind us we are getting older. While both genders undergo their own set of side effects, a common sign of aging for men comes in the form of erectile dysfunction (or ED). While the condition ranges in severity, it can lead to other issues, causing self-esteem and relationship problems.

Over 25 million men in the U.S. alone suffer from erectile dysfunction, a condition which can become increasingly worse with age. Whether it’s a symptom of aging or another health condition that may require separate treatment, ED should be taken seriously and concerns should be addressed with your doctor. 

kent priapus shot


The Priapus Shot Solution for Kent Men

Most men may encounter difficulties with erections on occasion, but individuals suffering from erectile dysfunction experience additional problems, ranging from stress to performance anxiety, and even depression. Fortunately, a natural and non-invasive solution is available to help resolve this common male aging issue for residents in the Kent area.

The Priapus Shot, also known as the P-shot, is a new, holistic procedure that helps men combat ED by employing their own cells to achieve harder, longer-lasting erections. A revolutionary treatment, the P-Shot utilizes your own cells as a natural male enhancement solution, one that your body won’t reject as a cure for erectile dysfunction. Addressing the symptoms of ED, this treatment is an effective way for men of all ages in Kent to continue enjoying sexually-active lives.

With a myriad of different benefits that treat the symptoms of ED, the P-Shot can help boost self-esteem and improve sexual performance. Some benefits that men experience include:

  • Larger size
  • Erections that are stronger and harder
  • Increased sensation and pleasure
  • Enhanced and increased circulation
  • No allergic reactions
  • No unpleasant side effects
  • Fast application
  • The ability to be easily applied with other therapies

The P-Shot tricks your body into thinking that it’s been wounded, so your system starts naturally repairing itself, targeting the tissues in your penis. With your immune system at work, the process will lead to a considerable increase in length, girth and more enjoyable sexual experiences. 


Priapus Shot Treatment At Waterfront Wellness

At Waterfront Wellness, we offer the Priapus Shot treatment to all patients in Kent and the surrounding areas. Dr. Amanda Brimhall, our lead physician and founder, is one of the premier naturopathic physicians in the Pacific Northwest. With her holistic solutions, she can naturally and effectively treat residents in the Kent area to help them lead a full and happy life. 

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