PRP Treatments and Procedures

New medical treatments and procedures are being developed every day, but platelet-rich plasma may be the most exciting one of them all. Also known as PRP, this revolutionary procedure uses the body’s ability to heal itself to address multiple ailments that result from injury or the natural aging process. 

PRP treatments provide a viable solution for patients in different medical specialties, such as wound healing, surgery, aesthetic medicine, orthopedics, and sexual medicine just to name few. At Waterfront Wellness, we provide PRP treatments and procedures to patients with acute and chronic conditions to treat their symptoms and improve their overall life quality.

The Vampire procedures we use have been shown in thousands of clinical studies to help restore collagen, even out skin tone, reduce wrinkles and signs of aging, repair joints, regrow and thicken hair, plump up the breast tissue, and revitalize and stimulate sexual function in both men and women. While it has been used for decades in veterinary medicine and to help athletes recover quickly from injuries, it is now more recently being used by the anti-aging community.

What are Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapies?

PRP therapies are derived from the patient’s blood (hence the term Vampire), which is centrifuged in order to separate it into its basic elements; red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelet-rich plasma. PRP has a higher concentration of growth factor, which allows your body to heal joints and soft tissue faster and more efficiently.

PRP is commonly used in sports, as it provides a great solution for acute muscle strains, osteoarthritis, muscle-facial injuries, and tendon ailments. Platelets release various chemicals that stimulate soft tissue regeneration and new blood vessel growth. By using PRP procedures we can extract platelets from a patient’s blood and use it to produce a regenerative response.

Dr. Amanda Brimhall and her team at Waterfront Wellness are happy to offer a number of PRP treatments for their patients. These include Vampire Breast Lift®, Vampire Facial®, Priapus Shot®, and O-Shot®.

Vampire Facial®

There are different PRP therapies available, and Vampire Facial® is one of the most exciting ones in the market. Despite the fact that the procedure itself is very simple, the benefits and advantages of this revolutionary treatment can help rejuvenate facial skin, smoothen out wrinkles, and even eliminate acne scars.

PRP is combined with a professional micro-needling tool to create a natural alternative with a relatively low risk factor. The result is fewer signs of aging, the reduction of fine lines, and healthier-looking skin. The procedure takes about 30 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated and has a relatively fast healing time.

Vampire Breast Lift®

Many women are satisfied with the size of their breast, but want to have more volume and regain sensitivity in their chest area. Vampire Breast Lift® therapy is a great solution for women who are not looking for augmentation, but are more interested in attaining a younger and healthier contour.

Vampire Breast Lift® can help women who are self-conscious about having tired or droopy breasts. Moreover, losing glowing, youthful skin can be a dreadful thought. Vampire Breast Lift® provides a great solution because it helps promote healthier skin, increases nipple sensitivity, and results in a younger look without the need for surgical procedures or any downtime.

Vampire Hair Loss Treatment

PRP hair treatment has been gaining prominence in the last few years, but has been around for some time. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is extracted from a patient’s own blood, then used to naturally stimulate growth in areas with thinning hair. This can reduce the appearance of thinning hair and encourage dormant or dying hair follicles to enter growth phase once again. 

Vampire PRP hair treatments can be used either as a stand-alone treatment or in unison with other techniques to prevent hair loss and encourage new growth. This innovative hair loss treatment can help stimulate and orchestrate stem cell activity, resulting in the natural regeneration of hair follicles.

Priapus Shot®

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by several factors, including an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer drug use, diabetes, or even as a side effect of surgery. The Priapus Shot offers a great solution for men suffering from ED, even if the problem stems from normal aging processes. 

Also known as the P-Shot, this PRP treatment delivers long-lasting improvement in sexual performance for men and, like all PRP therapies, begins with a simple blood draw.

The Priapus Shot® offers a superb solution that is injected directly into the most important areas for optimal sexual performance. Dr. Brimhall can use an array of local anesthetic creams prior to the injection, so you will not experience any discomfort during the procedure.


Female sexual dysfunction is a common condition that can be treated by using a PRP therapy known as the Orgasm Shot or O-Shot®. This simple, non-surgical procedure uses plasma-rich platelets collected from the patient’s blood to stimulate vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation. Depending on the patient, this may result in stronger, more frequent orgasms, greater arousal, increased libido, and enhanced lubrication among other benefits.

After the platelets have been separated and concentrated, our medical professionals will inject the PRP into the upper vagina and the clitoris. These areas, also known as the “O-spot” is the most important region in terms of sexual stimulation as it’s the first trigger for an orgasm. The PRP injection triggers the release of seven different growth factors that rejuvenate the clitoral tissue, thus making it ”younger” and enhancing performance potential.

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