Let Us Help You Survive the Holidays



'Tis the Season . . . !

The Holidays are upon us full throttle and, no matter how many seasons we swear that next year we'll keep it low key, we get caught up in the "festivities" and shift into high gear once again. The shopping, decorating, cooking, and general merrymaking are fun after all but, they can sure as heck leave us depleted once the revelry is all over --  If not before!  It can leave us feeling fatigued, anxious, depressed, sleep-deprived, bloated, and, who doesn't acquire a few unwanted ... er... ounces in the most obvious places?

Well, I'm writing to remind you that we have the perfect antidotes -- our 'Deck the Halls' RevIVe Intravenous cocktails. It's a proven medical certainty that delivery of 'nutraceuticals' via the intravenous route, as opposed to oral ingestion, provides a higher concentration of supplements directly to the cellular elements where they are most needed, avoiding waste through excretion by bypassing the digestive system.  A more effective and controlled therapeutic dose is thereby rapidly achieved.
Here is just a sampling of our most popular "cocktails" during the Holiday Season: 

Based upon the iconic Myer's Cocktail, our proprietary formulation
rapidly invigorates your strength
and restores your flagging energy!

Revs up your metabolism
and supplies the vitamins and minerals
 necessary to support a healthy weight reduction plan

Our most requested DETOX, this super combo
stimulates and supports the Liver to remove
 unhealthy accumulated toxins from critical body tissues

All of our "cocktails" are custom formulated for each patient's specific needs and health profile.  Treat yourself to this cutting edge of health-giving and restorative therapies and experience the Joys of the Season like never before!

***  As our Special Holiday Gift to you, we are offering the following value discounts ***

  •         50% discount on I.V. treatments for NEW patients, when booked through January 31, 2018
  •         50% discount on I.V. treatments for RETURNING patients, when booked through December 29, 2017


Let us Introduce you to the Newest Member of our Family . . .

We are excited to have you meet our new RN, Britney Cysewski.  Britney has a long, exciting career in nursing, starting as an army flight nurse and graduating Summa cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Her armed services career began in 2003.  While serving in Middle Eastern high conflict areas Britney's awesome responsibilities included supervising construction of combat field hospitals, patient evaluation, transport, and emergent care. After her discharge from the service Britney earned a Master's in Public Health, creating community-based medical programs such as a mobile dental unit and sex education in rural North Carolina. Her sex education research was even used in overturning the abstinence-only education policy in 2008.

Britney continued to hone her substantial skills working in long-term supervisory and managerial roles for the better part of a decade while employed in both adult and pediatric trauma for many years as a traveling nurse before settling in Kirkland with her husband and daughter. For the last two years, she has taken time to assist in setting up and managing operations for several medical practices in the area as a nurse consultant and is happy to be part of our community.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a decorated veteran who possesses such impressive professional skills.  We're certain you will feel relaxed and comfortable in her care!

Attention Last Minute Shoppers!

Again this year our Holiday Health Gift Certificates have become a popular eGift idea!  Most of us know that "difficult to shop for" loved one for whom we've run out of ideas, or need those few last minute gifts but have simply run out of time and fresh inspiration.  So why not give the gift of Wellness?  Order our much appreciated Gift Certificates in any amount from $50. to $500.  This year if you order by noon on December 22 we will deliver your Holiday e-Certificate as late as Midnight on December 23!  Just call us during regular business hours at                  425-889-9101
Let that Special someone know you care!


One More Holiday Special  -  Our Vampire Facial is back Specially Priced for Christmas!
 Look your best in the New Year.  Our unique PRP technology will rejuvenate the skin of your face and neck for that healthy, youthful glow.  Turn back the clock on your image and book by December 29 for our Holiday pricing.
For complete information on this stunning procedure, CLICK HERE