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Frustrated by stubborn “love handles”, “muffin top”, double chin?

With Holiday festivities upon us, do you think it’s possible to tackle those problem areas in time to look your best for all those gatherings without expensive and risky surgery?

Well, it’s no longer just a fantasy!  We now possess the technology to allow you to see a dramatic difference in your contours starting in as little as three weeks.  And over the successive two to three months you will continue to see those unwanted fat appendages melt away.

What is this magic wand?    It’s called CoolSculpting®, the newest, effortless method for normalizing the problem areas of your body.  And it’s available right now in my clinic. CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared equipment that has been used to actually “freeze away” fat cells.  To date, nearly two million people have realized the amazing benefitsof this technology without the risk and pain and isolating recovery from invasive procedures; without the frustration of hit or miss yo-yo dieting; and without the brutality and time investment in grueling workouts.  And even after all that torture the offenders remain as if to mock you for your trouble.


How often have you stood before your mirror in disgust grabbing handfuls of that vile invader and thought “if only science could come up with something to make it dissolve away?”  That sentiment is no longer just a lunatical raving -- it’s really what we can do.  No longer in the realm of science fiction but honest to goodness proven technology.  Science and medicine at their finest.  And with my trained hands at the helm, you will look better than ever before in the shortest possible time! 

How does it work?  CoolSculpting uses precisely targeted cooling of fat cells.  The cells, having been frozen, are crystallized and since they are no longer living they are naturally eliminated as waste.  Permanently.  These cells do not regrow!  The treatment is carefully controlled so that the exact desired result may be achieved.   Watch as, in a remarkably short time, your body and contours are transformed to the shape you had only dreamed of.  Medical science has finally heard your prayers!

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What about risks, side-effects?  Of course there are a few, as with any procedure.  But they’ve been minor at best.  Some patients may experience transient numbness over the treatment area.  Others have described a pinching sensation during the procedure.  There is occasionally some discomfort diminishing rapidly after a few short days or weeks.  And there may be some temporary swelling.

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And now, we'd like to introduce the very latest in CoolSculpting technology, a revolutionary "Freeze Away" for the most in-your-face problem that affects so many of us:  the dreaded double chin!  As always, this non-invasive, simple procedure has produced satisfactory results in over 83% of patients followed, with noticeable change apparent in just 12 weeks and best outcome in 24 weeks!  We can begin seeing patients in just two weeks but ongoing reservations are filling up Now.  For the earliest availability, CALL US NOW:  425-889-9101


And, finally, some exciting News!  TOMORROW, November 16, AMANDA BRIMHALL, ND will be hosting a CoolSculpting Open House Event starting at 5:30 pm.  Please RSVP as soon as possible!  Join us for appetizers and door prizes, and make sure to be there in time for our fantastic Raffle:  One FREE treatment (an $800 Value)!  But you will all get a chance for other steep discounts just for showing up.  And if you bring along a friend you'll each receive an additional $100 off any CoolSculpting package you buy.  Come to learn valuable information, meet kindred spirits, and just have a great time.  But, time is now short and space very limited, so

PLEASE RSVP! 425-889-9101


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