Mercer Island CoolSculpting®: Weight Loss and Your Solution for Lasting Fat Removal 

For those struggling to get their body into tip top shape, stubborn fat cells can be frustrating. 

Despite our best efforts and following the strictest weight loss plans, fat can cling onto our trouble areas, making all of our work seem worthless. Fortunately, there is now a holistic treatment available to Mercer Island residents that naturally rids your body of fat cells and sculpts your trouble areas into your desired shape.

CoolSculpting in Mercer Island WA

CoolSculpting is the latest fat reduction technology that relies on cold temperatures to dissolve your fat cells in targeted areas without compromising the surrounding tissue. 

No matter what diet or exercise program you follow, fat cells never really leave the body - they only shrink and lie dormant until the slightest relapse. With CoolSculpting, your fat cells are targeted specifically and completely disappear, giving you long lasting results on areas that your exercise attempts can’t reached.

Performed by Dr. Amanda Brimhall, CoolSculpting is a safe and holistic way to rid your body of unwanted fat, especially in difficult areas like the thighs, stomach, hips and even your chin. 

After a brief consultation, Dr. Brimhall can customize a plan that fits your individual needs. Taking into account your goals, budget and ideal body shape, she maps out a treatment plan and discusses the process at length so you know just what to expect. 

Most results are seen pretty quickly and continue developing over time. You’ll likely see the most drastic change after two months, and some patients see results up to six months post-treatment. 

The treatments are quick and painless, ending in a massage and often done over most patient’s lunch break. After a few minutes dedicated to treatment, you can get results unlike any that you’ve seen after logging hours in the gym.

Cleared by the FDA and considered a low-risk treatment, Cool Sculpting is the safest way for Mercer Island residents to get the results they desire without going under a knife. As a Naturopathic health care professional, Dr. Brimhall recommends this treatment for anyone looking to eliminate fat from their trouble zones safely, healthily and effectively.

If you’re ready to make a change and see the results you’ve been working towards, today is the day! Contact our office to learn more about Cool Sculpting on Mercer Island and ways that Dr. Brimhall can help you achieve the best shape for you.

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