Are you searching for a qualified, naturopathic men’s health doctor in Abbotsford? Located just two hours away in Kirkland, I offer a wide range of health and quality of life treatments for men of all ages.

From treatment for hormone imbalances to erectile dysfunction, sexual health, weight loss, and more, I specialize in treating a wide range of common health issues that can affect men. For all of my patients, my focus is to provide sustainable, lasting treatments that produce real results. 

At my clinic, I work with men of all ages and backgrounds and aim to provide the right treatment for you. As a naturopathic doctor, my approach is to provide effective treatment that addresses the root cause of your health issues, not just to prescribe medication that treats the symptoms.

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Abbotsford

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Abbotsford

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is an extremely common issue that affects tens of millions of men in North America. ED affects men of all ages and backgrounds, and it’s often a condition that can come and go based on factors such as your mood and overall mental and physical health.

The most common treatment for ED is the use of drugs, such as Viagra or Cialis. However, ED can often be solved through non-pharmaceutical treatments that provide more sustainable and long-lasting results.

As a naturopathic doctor, I offer a wide range of ED treatments that can help you improve your erection quality and enjoy a normal sex life. These include low-intensity sound treatments such as GAINSWave, as well as the natural Priapus Shot. 


Would you like to treat erectile dysfunction without relying on medication like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra? GAINSWave is a sound-based therapy that can increase blood flow to your penis and make it easier for you to develop an erection, all without the use of drugs.

GAINSWave works by delivering low-intensity sound waves to the tissue of your penis. This can increase arterial blood flow, helping you get and keep an erection. Often, GAINSWave alone is enough to provide significant improvements in your sexual performance and treat ED.

Because GAINSWave is non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical, there’s no post-op pain or daily medication to worry about -- only a real, lasting improvement in sexual performance. 


The Priapus Shot, or P-Shot, is another non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical option for treating erectile dysfunction. The P-Shot contains cells produced by your own body that can restore and improve sexual performance, making it easier for you to maintain an erection.

An ideal option for men with ED that want to avoid using Viagra or other medication, the P-Shot is one of several erectile dysfunction treatments we offer to patients. 

Sexual Health

Are you concerned about a decline in your sexual performance? Have you noticed a reduced level of interest in sex? Men’s sexual health can decline over time, making issues such as ED and reduced libido more common as you get older.

Sexual health issues can also affect younger men. In fact, approximately one-quarter of all men who seek treatment for sexual performance issues are below the age of 40.

Changes in your sexual health can occur for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they’re caused by a change in hormone levels. Sometimes, changes in your cardiovascular health, stress levels, or mood can trigger a change in your sexual performance and well-being.

As an experienced naturopathic doctor, I specialize in diagnosing a treating a diverse range of male sexual health issues. From ED to low sex drive, I can provide the effective treatment you need to resolve sexual health issues and enjoy a normal, fulfilling sex life. 

Endocrine Imbalance

From libido to energy, mental outlook, and metabolism, hormones produced by your endocrine system are vitally important for managing almost every aspect of your health and well-being.

When your body is deficient in a certain hormone or has a hormonal imbalance, it can have a significant impact on the way you feel. Often, men with hormonal imbalances face a reduced libido, issues with weight gain, low levels of energy and other health problems.

Endocrine imbalances can occur for a variety of reasons, from your lifestyle and professional workload to your diet, alcohol consumption, and activity level. Working with you, I can provide treatments for a range of hormonal imbalances to improve your health and quality of life. 

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement in Abbotsford

If you have a hormone deficiency or imbalance, it’s important that you seek treatment to ensure it doesn’t develop into a long-term health issue.

Bio-identical hormone replacement is the use of hormones, typically in the form of an implanted pellet, to supplement your body’s own hormone production. For men, some of the most common hormones used in therapy include sex hormones such as testosterone and thyroid hormones.

Without hormone replacement, an endocrine imbalance can lead to a variety of negative health issues, from weight gain to a lack of sexual interest. Through treatment, we can help you solve any hormone deficiencies you face and produce a real improvement in your quality of life. 

Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Abbotsford

Testosterone is responsible for a huge range of functions in men, from fueling your sex drive to giving you energy, helping you gain and maintain muscle mass, strengthening your bones, and regulating your mood.

As men get older, it’s normal for their levels of testosterone to gradually decrease. However, if your testosterone level is drasticly below normal, you may notice a significant decline in your sex drive, physical strength and overall quality of life.

Testosterone replacement therapy involves the use of bioidentical testosterone pellets to bring your testosterone levels up to the optimal range. If you’re concerned about your testosterone level, I can help you learn more about your options through testing and TRT treatment. 

Naturopathic Doctor in Abbotsford

Finding the right doctor can be a challenge. As an experienced naturopathic doctor, I’m focused on providing effective, proven treatments that don’t just address the symptoms of a problem, but also fix the root cause.

Just two hours from Abbotsford, I’m always available to provide the advice and assistance you need for optimal health. For more information about my background and qualifications, please visit my "About Me" page.

CoolSculpting in Abbotsford

Struggling to eliminate body fat? From the lower back to the waist, many men struggle to get rid of stubborn areas of body fat. These areas of fat often linger even if you follow a strict diet and exercise heavily, making it difficult to achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

Coolsculpting Abbotsford

CoolSculpting is a new, safe technology that uses cold to target fat cells in specific areas of the body, such as the "love handles" or waistline. Using Cool Sculpting, you can reduce fat cells from problem areas to enhance your appearance and improve your self-confidence. 

Revitalizing Skin Care in Abbotsford

Have you noticed new smile lines or wrinkles starting to develop? Are you worried about acne, sun damage, and other common skin issues? Skin problems are often the result of other health issues, meaning that the best way to treat them is to focus on improving your overall health. 

PRP Therapy Abbotsford

I offer a wide range of safe, effective skin treatments and products, from a complete line of skin care products to non-surgical treatments such as IPL laser skincare and the popular Vampire Facelift. 

IV Infusions in Abbotsford

Interested in getting the maximum benefits from vitamins, minerals, and nutrients? IV infusions allow your body to absorb large amounts of important vitamins and minerals with none of the limitations of conventional oral supplements. 

From boosting your immune system to revitalizing a sluggish metabolism, my customized IV infusions can target a wide range of unique conditions to improve your health, well-being, and quality of life. 

HCG Weight Loss in Abbotsford

Are you struggling to lose weight? Losing weight -- and, more importantly, keeping it off once you’ve lost it -- is a difficult process that can require significant changes to your diet, lifestyle, activity level and habits.

Through the use of human chorionic gonadotropin, a naturally-occurring hormone known as HCG, you can achieve sustainable weight loss with only minor changes to your caloric intake and activity level.

Working with you, I can create a personalized weight loss program that incorporates HCG in combination with diet, exercise, and other healthy habits to help you lose weight and improve your physical health for the long term. 

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