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Doing everything right but still feeling stressed, gaining weight, tossing and turning unable to sleep? You can change that starting now!  Addressing the hormonal imbalance that leaves you with fatigue, weight gain and effects of aging begins with my revealing 10-point assessment. You can – and will – feel more energetic, lose weight, enjoy restful sleep and look younger when we identify root causes.

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About Dr. Brimhall

If I have a singular passion, it is to help my patients. My advanced and proven protocols use the latest effective and natural treatments available, and I am continuously refining care by studying the best of what natural science has to offer. I truly love what I do. I devote myself wholeheartedly to those who entrust themselves to my care – and my expertise. My goal is to deliver the most complete, integrated healthcare possible so that my patients achieve optimal health.


It's true. True health shows in your appearance. That's why the TrueHealth Protocol rests on a simple premise: when you feel great, you look great.  My goal is to get you to optimal health. No compromises. Yes, you can gain energy and have healthy, youthful looking skin while you lose weight. Yes, you can sleep better and reduce stress with the right adrenal program. With the advanced, effective and safe treatments in TrueHealth Protocol – Yes! it's possible to feel and look great again. Discover how!


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