As you age, your body goes through changes that affect some unexpected areas of your life. One of the most significantly impacted experience is your sexual performance. Growing older tends to result in physical changes and conditions that can complicate your sex life.

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For men, healthy erectile function may be impeded by blocked blood vessels that usually support the blood flow that the penis needs. We refer to this condition as erectile dysfunction or ED. In most cases, men suffering from ED feel powerless in reversing the effects of time. However, the men of Sea Tac have a natural, non-invasive solution to this common male problem.

GAINSWave is the newest non-invasive ED treatment that uses high-frequency for proven results. In the past, the only options available to men suffering from ED were drugs with harmful side effects or high-risk and painful procedures. Although it’s new to the US, GAINSWave is FDA-approved and Europe has been using similar technology for decades.

How Does GAINSWave Work?

Although ED is a common condition for most aging men, it lacked suitable treatment options for a very long time. Drugs and surgery solutions were available, but their outcomes were not guaranteed and often resulted in long-lasting, undesirable side effects.

Unlike standard ED solutions, GAINSWave naturally resolves erectile dysfunction by using high-frequency acoustic waves to treat the blocked blood vessels. The pulsating sound waves even cause additional growth for new vessels. The result is an erection that’s longer-lasting and stronger than before. 

GAINSWave offers a non-invasive solution for men of all ages. Even those who are taking medication can take advantage of this low-risk and natural procedure. As the U.S.’s first non-invasive and FDA-approved ED treatment, GAINSWave is quickly gaining attention in the medical community.

What GAINSWave Can Do For You

Traditional ED solutions were limited to only servicing certain types of erectile dysfunction. However, GAINSWave gives hopes to those suffering from uncommon types of ED, like Peyronie’s Disease. Not only does it assist men with keeping stronger and more durable erections, it can even dissolve the scar tissue that contributes to a curved penis (a common symptom of Peyronie’s Disease).

Other GAINSWave benefits include:

  • Increased Sensation
  • Improved Sexual Performance
  • Completely Non-invasive
  • Long-lasting Results
  • In-Office Procedure

As GAINSWave continues gaining traction in the medical community, Dr. Amanda Brimhall has become one of the many accredited physicians to add this technology to her practice - along with the many other holistic solutions that Waterfront Wellness offers to the Sea Tac community.

If you are interested in learning more about GAINSWave and what it can do for you, contact Dr. Amanda Brimhall today.