GAINSWave Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in North Bend, Wa

We all know that with age comes changes. Many of these changes, though, are unwelcome. Men often suffer from hair loss, weight gain and decreased sexual performance.

Age can cause the blood vessels that provide the ability to have and maintain strong erections to become blocked, resulting in erectile dysfunction. In past decades, men who struggled with erectile dysfunction in North Bend had very few treatment options. The options they did have were typically limited to invasive surgery or medication.

Today, North Bend men with ED can seek out GAINSWave treatment. It’s a cutting-edge treatment that uses high-frequency acoustical waves to achieve proven results. Although it’s new to the American medical market, similar technology has been used in Europe with great success, and it’s the first noninvasive FDA-approved treatment for erectile dysfunction.

North Bend GAINSWave | Male Enhancement Erectile Dysfunction Treatment


GAINSWave for North Bend Men

The continual lack of treatment options has been one of the biggest hardships for men struggling with ED. Undergoing painful surgical procedures or prescription medications were the only treatments available, and neither had promising success rates. Even if the initial treatment was successful, they often left men with lingering side effects and a painful recovery.

GAINSWave uses high-frequency acoustical waves to break down blockages in blood vessels as well as encourage the growth of new ones. These pulsating sound waves improve blood flow, restoring the ability to have strong and long-lasting erections.

GAINSWave is suitable for all men, since it requires neither surgery nor medications – even those who are on other prescription medicines can consider GAINSWave without the fear of negative effects. GAINSWave has captured the attention of many doctors as the first treatment of its kind in the US!


How GAINSWave Can Help North Bend Men

GAINSWave can treat all forms of erectile dysfunction, including the curved and painful penis shape caused by Peyronie’s Disease.

It will restore your ability to have strong erections, breaking down blood vessel blockages, scar tissue and encouraging the new growth of blood vessels. Unlike most ED treatments, it is noninvasive and doesn’t require medication. Other benefits include:

  • Improved and increased sexual performance
  • Noninvasive procedure
  • Appropriate for all ages and patients
  • Simple, in-office procedure
  • Treats all ED and Peyronie’s Disease
  • Heightened sensation
  • Lasting results


Contact Dr. Brimhall

Dr. Amanda Brimhall, the founder and head physician at Waterfront Wellness, is one of a growing number of GAINSWave doctors in the United States. This effective erectile dysfunction treatment is the latest addition to our Naturopathic practice, where we focus on providing our patients with holistic and healthy care. We are proud to offer this treatment to men in North Bend suffering from ED. Contact Dr. Brimhall today to begin your full recover from ED .

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